Chronicles of a Fourth – Videos

6 SONGS – 2 MEN – 1 LOVE STORY – 2 gay men in love, both working in the entertainment industry and each living in a different continent… what can go wrong?

Chronicles Of A Fourth’s debut album ‘Open Relationship Blues’ proves that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. The band may be new but their sound is as sophisticated as ever. It is strong, sharp, and decisive, so you can kiss those newcomer jitters goodbye. The group is composed by seasoned musicians: Eric Van Aro, Alberto Pinelli, Marcello “Bread” Schena, and Antonio “Aki” Chindamo.

Their album dives into some classic folk and blues vibes; however, their subject matter is anything but. According to the artists, ‘“Open Relationship Blues” is a concept album exploring the romantic relationship between two gay men working in the entertainment business and living apart on two different continents. Normally, it’s not every day that you hear a folk/rock song exploring lgbtq+ sentiments but this group demonstrates that it’s more than possible to stick to rock styles and honour modern subjects in equal measures. The results are fantastic; the banjos and guitars come through loud and clear, the singers voice is as rugged and soulful as ever, and the lyrics touch upon the vulnerabilities of falling in love and losing it all in the process.

Chronicles Of A Fourth is a new project from a group of European members, with one of them being a mix of Italian, German, Swiss, French and British cultures. The name of the band is a reference to what is usually called a “third culture kid”. The meaning of “third culture kids” derives from individuals who are raised in a culture different to their parents or country of nationality. The result of this will usually expose them to far greater cultural experiences, which in this case will likely reflect in their music.

Several songs from this latest album have already received a mix of rave reviews from top musicians and critics. Their sound has also been said to appeal to fans of artists like; Better Than Ezra, Nick Drake, Billy Joel, John Mayer, Bon Iver and Vance Joy.

It’s awards season again… reminding us why we dislike the red carpet!



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