From the Beginning and more…. OUT NOW!

Album4Itune.jpgsmall FINAL Beginning

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If you are into U2, SINATRA, DAVID GUETTA, JAMES TAYLOR  GIPSY KINGS and the likes, you will enjoy Eric van Aro’s  “… from the Beginning and more” an anthology spanning the past 20 years of his recording career. His private music vault holds all the master tapes he’s recorded for the past 2 decades. Now, he’s sharing 17 songs of which 2 brand new recordings, previously unreleased tracks, alternative versions and remixes of songs. Release date 1 december 2017…..

Highlights include:  The touching folk ballad Until it’s time for you to go the first recording of Eric accompanying himself on the guitar, the swinging  Rhythm in my nursery rhymes with Caterina Valente on guitar and the late Silvio Franceso on clarinet, the jazzy Put the weight on my shoulder with the soulful trumpet of Franco Ambrosetti, the Latin version of “the Christmas song” with the dynamic Iguazu acoustic trio and rocking version of This is not America. Plus three   energy filled EDM remixes of Eric’s dance music hits.

Reflecting on the album, Eric noted, “I’m a lucky guy who gets to sing some really exquisite songs. Listening to them now proves me right… serving them was absolute pure joy.   I must admit that to my ears today I do sound half as bad as I thought back then.

The words of renowned music critic Don Heckmann describe the album perfectly: The combination of high quality vocalizing, stylistic versatility and stellar musical setting clearly identify Eric van Aro as one of the current music world’s most appealing male vocalists!