Singer, songwriter and producer Eric van Aro is a highly notable European talent who has carved out quite a niche’ for himself in the jazz vocal genre and has experimented successfully with a deluge of other artistic and musical genres.  Born in Manheim Germany and growing up in the Italian region of Switzerland and in London, Eric is the son of the world renowned Italian singer Caterina Valente and German juggler and producer Erik van Aro, Sr. He is a part of a strong family tradition of artists and musicians which goes back eight generations.  Eric has always felt a major part of this opulent tradition since the day he was born.

Through the course of his distinguished career, Eric developed his very own unique artistic character.  Combining his love for theater and dance to also provide image consulting services for singers and actors, Eric went on to host a series of very popular radio programs.  He regularly appeared as a musical guest on many television shows in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

Eric cites various influences and music he enjoys listening to.  The list and genres vary widely from Led Zeppelin to Chaka Khan, and from Kurt Elling to Ella Fitzgerald and many more.  Although he remains hesitant to place his music in a particular “sounds-Like category”, Eric indicates that as for the choice of material and different music styles, it would be The Manhattan Transfer.

In 1998 Eric van Aro founded Eraki Entertainment, an elite independent record label and production company which produces projects characterized by an intrinsic musical quality and collaborations from artists from various musical backgrounds. A perfect example of an ERAKI production is the highly successful album “GIRLTALK” (2001), a collaboration between Caterina Valente, the harpist Chaterine Michel and the arranger Gianni Ferrio.  This release received raving reviews from music critics and fans of great music around the world!

Eric van Aro’s Impressive discography includes a variety of solo and collaborative projects and spans over 20 years from 1993 to the present on various imprints under the Eraki label.

In 2001 he released his album “From the Heart”, a collection of songs dating from the mid ’20s to the end of the last century that covers different styles including valse musette, world music, country & western, jazz, nursery rhymes, rap and hard rock.

“Friends”, the CD released in 2005, contains collaborations with musicians of the caliber of trumpet player Franco Ambrosetti, harmonica player Bruno de Filippi, drummer Flaviano Cuffari and many other Italian jazz and rock musicians. The album has won over the public and critics worldwide, establishing Eric van Aro as one of the most interesting and accomplished singers to have appeared on the jazz scene in the past few years.

With the release of Desert Motel in 2008 Eric returned with an intriguing selection of songs from such greats as Winwood, Stills, Manilow, Webb and Metheny for a sublime musical “on the road” experience

In summer 2010 Eric changes style and with the Beats4life label the first song JAZZ (a collaboration with Marco Soundee one of Italy’s major house music creators) is released in its various mixes and reached #1 on the Traxsource Lounge/Chill charts.  LoveUmadly, The painting in my heart 2010 remix and UR are just a few of the other exciting songs from the Soundee/vanAro/Beats4life stable that have audiences dancing all over the world.

Meanwhile Eric’s COLLABORATIONS project for the ERAKI label released the first two singles.  Luca Verde, one of Italy’s major rock guitarists and producers gave the famous French ballad Le blues du businessman a hard rocking arrangement which Eric performs in its original language.  Mel Torme’s  “The Christmas Song” received an exciting Latin Jazz treatment with the fabulous IGUAZU acoustic trio backing the singer.

In 2013 Eric van Aro released the album titled Obsession, an exciting collaboration with jazz pianist Fabio Gianni also on the Eraki label.  This contemporary record features a colorful collection of some great tunes.   Obsession may be defined as an infatuation with a person, place or thing.  In Eric Van Aro’s case, his obsession is his music.  His captivating vocals on this record, is further acknowledgement that he is a genius at capturing his audiences’ attention with his enthralling vocals.  Tracks from the record achieved impressive radio rotation on college and jazz radio. This is one of Eric van Aro’s most exciting projects to-date.

On October 15th 2014 the album “Life Song” by “THE EGH PROJECT” from the ERAKI imprint label Forever Ride is released. This collaboration with producer/ composer and DJ Marco Finotello and Italian percussionist and vocalist Sebastiano Mambretti, puts Eric back in the Traxsource Top 10 Lounge/Chill charts on the same day of its release.

All of Eric’s recordings and his label’s recordings and releases are available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and all other major online music distribution portals worldwide.

Eric van Aro is not your typical artist, musician, or jazz singer.  He brings an unprecedented excitement to the music industry and to his fans.  When asked how he wanted his audiences to feel when they are leaving the venue after one of his performances, he replied quickly with one word, “HAPPY”.  There is no doubt that his fans leave his shows not only happy, but extremely exhilarated by his amazing performance.


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