I accuse you!

Here is an adaptation for English Speaking Countries of an open letter allegedly written by an Italian Teacher to TV Personalities of his country.

Whether he did or not, his letter absolutely represents my opinion! … And don’t ask me anymore why my mother left show business so easily.

Kardashians, Trumps, Tabloid Talk Show hosts, Fox News and the whole of similar infernal bedlam (you know who you are)  … I accuse you.

I accuse you of being among the main culprits of the cultural decay of our country, its social barbarism, its corruption and moral corrosion, the mental destabilization of the new generations, the ethical impoverishment of our young people, and the educational distortion of our children.

You, with your trash television, your trash programs, your artificial, false, deceptive, mean pseudo shows, have contributed in the first person and without scruples to the decadence of the third millennium which this time, unfortunately, does not carry any value but only cosmic nothingness.

You are accomplices and conscious promoters of that perverse media process that has instilled the conviction of a self-realization based exclusively on appearance, on the ostentation of fame, success and beauty, on the constant search for applause, on the approval of audiences, about building what others want and not what we are.

You have cleared rudeness, ignorance, moral and cultural poverty as models of relationships and social recognition, because your programs abound with your consent of rude ignorance and rudeness. You have given fame and transformed into models to imitate characters that have no values, have no culture, and have no moral depth.

You represent the humiliation of graduates, the mortification of those who study, of those who invest time and resources in culture, of those who are frustrated and finally abandon their homeland because the spotlight and attention are for the actors of your programs.

I speak as a teacher, who sees his pupils exasperatedly emulate the attitudes of arrogance, falsehood, appearance, provocation, ostentation, rudeness that the characters on your television spread;

  • who sees the same sad and squalid reality dynamics replicated in their classrooms, in the belief that this and only this is the way to relate to their peers and to earn their acceptance and esteem;
  • who sees the bewilderment, the fear, the isolation in the eyes of those kids who do not adapt, do not give in to the seduction of this horrible world, but for this they are rewarded with marginalization and derision.

I have seen in my years of teaching first with perplexity, then with concern, now with terror hundreds of pupils behave like replicates of the embarrassing characters that populate your programs, to try to be like them. And I feel horror at the complacency that your conducting exudes in the presence of certain characters.

I accuse you, therefore, because you are personally responsible for all this.

I hope for your professional demise and your media extinction, because only these can be the right penalties for the irreparable damage caused to the country. ”  Marco Galice

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